1. Consolidate your steps. If you’re heading back to the kitchen for a drink, grab all the shit off the coffee table that needed to go back that direction anyway and put it away right then. I learned this as a server and it’s become so ingrained in me I’ve been called out at parties for pre-bussing tables.
  2. Touch it once. If you are taking your plate back to the kitchen, may as well give it a quick rub down in the sink with some suds real quick. Taking off your shirt? Hang it back up or toss it in the hamper. Got mail? Open it right away and trash or file as needed. Avoid pileups of any kind.
  3. Clean as you go. When I cook, I am putting things away as I finish them and washing dishes as things simmer. That way, after I eat my dinner, I only have a plate to wash rather than a sink full of dishes. (If you do have to leave stuff, learn the power of a pre-soak.)
  4. Break it down. You can’t take 40 bins of recycling down the stairs anyway, so bring one everytime you leave the house for the next few days til it’s all gone.
  5. Just start. If you have a pile of clothes you need to donate to your local, (well-researched, positive societal impact) charity, set a date for this week and ACTUALLY do it. Then it’ll be done and you’ll never have to look at that stupid trash bag again! (This was a pep talk for me, currently.)
  6. Work smarter not harder. When I clean a room, I take everything off the sheves, spray every surface, make my way down the cleaning line, return the shit to the shelves, and you’re done. It’s surprisingly faster and easier than dusting around stuff.
  7. Think of it each chore as a favor to future you. I make my bed everyday for nighttime Julie because nighttime Julie always appreciates it and that bitch deserves a consistent act of service!
  8. Think of it as a game. I literally set timers and Double Dare my ass through chores sometimes when I am in a good mood. Upbeat music makes everything more fun. Make tidying a vibe, y’all.
  9. Get inspired. Watch MariKondo videos, or inspiration videos, or read an article on how minimalism can save the world or some shit and just get into it. I am telling you, A VIBE.
  10. Be gentle with yourself. Humans suck at lots of stuff and that isn’t our fault! We all have to be a little nicer to ourselves if we’re gonna improve on anything, ever.

Remember this is a long game and progress is progress no matter how small.

These arent steadfast and sure and they don’t always apply because there are definitely days I am not trying to remember dishes exist let alone have to be done right away.

By recognizing what I can do to accommodate my best self and setting myself up for success, I feel more amped and energized about actually creating it.

Whatever habit you decide on, start on the couch, real low-commitment vibes by doing some research online about inspiration and then strategies that make sense for you. Then really start bringing some of those practices into your daily routines and see what sticks. If none of those practices become habits, go back to the research grind and find something new that may work to help you manage/improve/build the foundations for the habits you want to create.



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Make Your Damn Bed

Make Your Damn Bed

is a collection of work written by Julie Merica.