Day 16 || Energy is a Language

Utilize the asset that is reading energy. Study it. Learn it like a language, because that is exactly what it is. Begin to recognize who your energy shifts around. Notice when it changes and teach yourself how to adapt it. Unfollow anyone that makes you feel weird energy, unless it’s something you feel you should be challenged in. Curate your relationships, social media feeds, and home to reflect the energy that you would like to embody most often.

Energy will ebb and flow but it is a valuable skill to be able to identify these shifts on a daily basis. This way you can ride the waves of action, build foundations, so when you need to rest and recharge, you can jump right back in where you left off — and return to that energetic place without starting from scratch. Energy is our most powerful and effective communicator.

It passes messages much more quickly and subtly than our conscious mind could ever identify. This is why it is so important to pay attention. Learn to read energy so you can identify the sources that deplete and grow yours. Understand that you can impact your energy as Obviously life isn’t about all good vibrations and good energy all the time, but there are ways to optimize your experience to increase your times of good/positive energy to make better use of your time here.

Don’t allow people in your life that only deplete your energy and never return it. Don’t become someone who only deplete’s energy and never returns it. Energy is a give and take. Like everything, balance is key.

With practice, you can get good at knowing if it is time to share your energy or if it is time to be open to receiving energy, which is a superpower if you ask me.

This was a transcript of Day 16 of the Make Your Damn Bed Podcast — a low-key, real talk, morning motivation podcast to get you out of bed so you can start making it.



is a collection of work written by Julie Merica.

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